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Free Hip Hop Record Label Submissions and Blogs


FREE Hip Hop Record Label Submissions and Blogs

  1. You submit a profile to The Supreme Team.
  2. We add your profile and track to our weekly industry hot sheet.
  3. We send it to 1000+ Hip Hop A&R and Blogss.
  4. Your Profile is added to the Hype Urban Music Blog (


Submit Your Track for FREE Hip Hop Record Label Submissions

Struggling to get your Hip Hop and Rap music out there to industry professionals? We can help you bypass the secretary and connect with the people who have the influence. If we like your stuff, we add your profile to our weekly hot sheet and send it out to 1,000 Hip Hop and Rap record labels with a letter of introduction and links to your profile. These labels know us because we promote a lot of their artists. Your stuff has to be good enough to not hurt our credibility, so please don’t submit any crap for free Hip Hop record label submissions.

Can’t you help thinking about how to get endorsed to a record mark? Are there any marks searching for new specialists to sign? The most effective method to present your demo?

We pay attention to all demos that are submitted to us, yet kindly regard that we may require some investment to react, because of numerous specialists sending demos to us. Nonetheless, you will consistently get a reaction for free.

Your demo shouldn’t be great yet. We are paying attention to your latent capacity, not the studio quality. On the off chance that you have a work in progress and are truly skilled, we will help you shape the edges. Albeit, very much created music does matter, and kindly don’t send a chronicle from your cell phone.

We love when individuals know why they are making their music. Thus, if it’s not too much trouble, additionally compose a couple of lines about why you are doing this and why you might want to be essential for the Rexius family. Indeed, our specialists are our family, when you are with us we are in the same boat. However, kindly don’t compose a paper, an enormous mass of text will not brighten up our A&Rs. Maybe they will skip it in case it is excessively long. Simply compose short and concisely.

You can just present your music to our A&R group by means of a web-based feature like Soundcloud/Youtube/Spotify and so forth To transfer your music to us is presently unimaginable since our letterboxes became too swarmed. Kindly present your main 1 song for free Hip Hop Record Label Submissions.

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